Qantas Airways Celebrates 100 Years In Aviation

Fun fact: Did you know that today (16 November) marks the day that Qantas Airlines began operations 100 years ago?


Personally, I was unaware of many aspects concerning the carrier until I started reading about their history. For example, today I learned:

  • the carrier is celebrating 100 years in business after watching a video online (seen below)
  • “QANTAS” is short for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services
  • Darwin to Singapore was the carriers first flight overseas and it took 2 days. Yikes!

In the video the voiceover says: “In our 100th year, our planes may have been grounded but never our spirit. As we look forward to our next 100, our spirit will continue to define us and continue to lift us…because that is the spirit of Australia.”

Wow, that’s powerful!


It has also been great to see several Oneworld alliance partners use their platforms to shoutout Qantas too…


Although it’s on my list of things to do, I have not had the opportunity to fly on Qantas (or visit Australia for that matter). However, after watching the Qantas video and hearing them speak about the “spirit of Australia,” I feel like it should be higher on my list of travel priorities.

I guess that’s what good marketing does, yeah!?

It’s worth noting that in July 2020, Qantas retired its last Boeing 747 after almost 49 years of continuous operation and all 12 Qantas Airbus A380s have been placed in long term storage.

However, there is one specific flight that I’ve had my eye on for a long time. Qantas had planned to launch a nonstop 787 flight from Chicago O’Hare (ORD) to Brisbane (BNE) on 15 April 2020, but had to postpone it given the global pandemic.

Recognizing that passenger demand will continue to be low for some time, Qantas has retired the 747, has all their A380s in long term storage, and the carrier has suspended all international flights, it may (unfortunately) be some time before there is a Qantas flight review on this site.


Have you ever flown on Qantas? What was your experience?

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