Canada and Mexico Extend Border Closure With USA For Another 30 Days

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Yesterday, I posted an article about what I think travel will look like post-COVID-19. In the article I mentioned that I had not realized that Canada and Mexico had closed their borders with the US.

Interestingly, the borders with Mexico and Canada were supposed to open today (20 May 2020), However, in a rather sudden announcement last night, the countries agreed to extend the closure another 30 days.


The borders with both countries have been closed for 2 months.

  • 21 March 2020: U.S., Mexico, and Canada temporarily restrict non-essential travel across the land borders for 30 days
  • 20 April 2020: All 3 countries agree to extend the restrictions for non-essential travel across the borders for 30 additional days (or until 20 May 2020)
  • 19 May 2020: All 3 countries agree to extend the restrictions for non-essential travel across the borders for 30 additional days (or until 21 June 2020)

The AP reported last night that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the border is a source of vulnerability, so the agreement will be extended.

“This will keep people in both of our countries safe.” Trudeau said.


It’s worth noting that this rule applies to visitors. In other words, citizens are allowed to return to their respective countries and are exempt from border closure. Additionally, essential workers (e.g. airline crew, truck drivers, healthcare workers, etc.) that have to cross the border are also exempt and able to cross the border.

If you are interested in reading more details and FAQ’s about the closer, here is the DIRECT LINK to Customs and Border Patrol.


By no means do I claim to be an expert of international relations or diplomacy, but I find some of these border closings to be really interesting …and confusing.

But as it stands now, the shared borders between Mexico and Canada are closed.

Did you have plans to travel to either country during the next month (or beyond)?


  1. Funny enough, i have a flight booked to Mexico on Jul2 and a flight back on the 5th with a layover in Canada LOL.

    The wedding i was going for got rescheduled so I wonder if i can cancel those flights even though they were non-refundable and what not. I was hoping the airline would contact me first lol

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  2. lol You def have a situation on your hand. I would reach out to the airline and inquire about your options. I wouldn’t offer the reason of the wedding was canceled but because the borders are closed. I think most (reasonable) airlines will work with you. However, nothing is a given these days. If not, wait until closer to the departure date. Flights will be canceled, consolidation will happen and then you can cancel.


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