Update: All Las Vegas Casinos Ordered To Close By Order of Governor

A days ago, I wrote an article about the MGM and Wynn properties closing in Las Vegas. At the time, it was only a temporary 2-week closure but I received a few messages from readers concerned about their plans to visit Las Vegas during the next month. Well, it appears that no one will be visiting the Las Vegas hotels for the next 30 days.

Last night, Governor Steve Sisolak announced an unprecedented order on nonessential Nevada businesses that will shut down 440 licensed casinos, bringing Nevada’s dominant industry to a complete halt and leaving tens of thousands of workers in differing degrees of economic uncertainty.

Vegas Casinos Closing

Things continue to change at a rapid pace when it comes to the Coronavirus epidemic. As you might expect, Las Vegas will be among the hardest hit places in this country given its huge reliance on the tourism industry. While some casino operators had held hope they could remain open, everything will be closing.

As I mentioned before, many operators including MGM and Wynn announced proactively that they would close their casinos, however many Downtown casinos and Caesars properties on the Strip had planned to stay open. Now it seems their hand is being forced.

Many Businesses to Close

According to the Nevada Independent:

In addition to casinos, non-essential businesses that will be affected by the closure include restaurants, bars, gyms, salons and malls, though restaurants will still provide takeout and delivery service, but no in-restaurant dining will be allowed. Essential businesses, including grocery stores, will be allowed to remain open.


This morning the CEO released a message that says, “we look forward to welcoming you again soon.”


This is the world we live in right now.

Unfortunately, this puts may livelihoods at risk but I am glad local government is forcing all casinos and other public spaces shut down. The sooner we get this under control the sooner we can fix the damage done and try to rebuild.

While I know many people including myself have taken this seriously, many have not and I would hate to see death as a result of someone “needing” to gamble.

Vegas (and the world) probably won’t be the same for awhile.

What do you think of the Governor’s decision?


  1. Personally I am glad they are closing the casinos. I feel like the thought of keeping them would be in humane. I know hundreds of thousands of jobs are affected but I am sure most of them would rather save their lives and have the opportunity to isolate. I believe one day maybe not the near future but one day lives will move along as they did and we will look back at surviving such a questionable time in our lives. Thank you for staying diligent with posting during this time, being able to connect with others is so important.

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  2. I had plans to travel through Vegas that I cancelled a couple of days ago. I was watching the developments on the virus, updates from WHO and the CDC, and ultimately would have cancelled without the closures. Despite the negative impact on livelihood,I think it is smart to close the casinos as an ongoing effort to “flatten the curve” and lessen the spread. Albeit I am definitely not a gambler and the Vegas casinos generally don’t appeal to me, the idea of being in a huge enclosed space, filled with people touching machines and tables seems horrible in the midst of a viral pandemic.

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