Economy Class to Europe For 14.5k Miles: New Flying Blue Promo Awards (September 2019)

When it comes to travel, there is only one thing that I love more than flying…and that’s applying a discount and flying for even less miles (and/or money).

One of the best uses for Air France/KLM Flying Blue Miles is booking flights during their monthly Promo Awards. During these sales you will find, specific, award flights that have been discounted (between 20-50% off) for travel on Air France and KLM.

And with the start of a new month, Air France/KLM have just published their latest Promo Awards.


Direct Link: Flying Blue Promo Awards
Book Between: September 1 – September 31, 2019
Travel Between: November 1 – December 31, 2019
Featured Cities:

  • 25% discount for Air France Premium Economy class awards to/from New York (JFK)
  • 25% discount for Air France & KLM Business Class awards to/from Mexico City
  • 25% discount for KLM Economy Class awards to/from Minneapolis
  • 25% discount for Air France & KLM Business Class awards to/from Toronto


There are a few “challenges” you may want to consider before exploring these Flying Blue Promo Awards.

First, and per the terms and conditions, Promo awards cannot be changed, cancelled, or refunded.

Second…surcharges! Depending on the cities and flights, your surcharges will range ~$45-$200 each way. The dollar amount is a bit higher than US carriers but in my experience, you’ll enjoy a slightly more refined experience so a few extra dollars may be worth it.

Third, Flying Blue has some unique nuances. For example, it’s possible you’ll see a cheaper rate for a connecting itinerary. For instance, a ticket from a North American gateway city to Prague (via Paris) is cheaper than a ticket just between the North American gateway city and Paris.

Below is another quirky example. I picked a random date during the past promotion and found this:
– Oct. 10 2019: Minneapolis – Amsterdam – Dublin = 10,750 miles + 71 Euros (~$80USD)…

Meanwhile, the same exact flight
– Oct. 10 2019: Minneapolis – Amsterdam = 29,000 miles + $59 and it’s NOT a Promo award?

Confusing, yeah!? Although, it takes a bit more research, I recommend completing a few city searches if you have some flexibility. 14.5k miles is not bad for getting to Europe in late fall/early winter.


Keep in mind that you can transfer points to Air France/KLM Flying Blue from Amex Membership Rewards, Capital One, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Citi ThankYou. With so many partners, it should be fairly quick and easy to accumulate a lot of Flying Blue points.


This sale is not limited to the USA, it covers many other worldwide routes so it’s worth checking out the promotion page and considering other options. For example, Europe offers a lot of sales. If you already have a scheduled trip to Europe, depending on your flexibility, you may be able to use this sale to add flights for a mini-round the world trip.

Personally, economy class from Minneapolis is the only option that stands out as great value. Given most people can easily position to Chicago, it could represent some savings. This list isn’t anything to get too excited about but if you see something that sparks your interest…GO FOR IT!

Pro-Tip: If you would like to take advantage of the lower costs when connecting…Budapest, Dublin, Edinburgh, Krakow, Oslo, Stockholm, and Vienna are solid bets as final destinations.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of one of these new Promo Awards?

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