Weekly Sale: IHG Publishes Last Minute Deals For Kimpton Hotels

On a scale of *very* to *permanent eye twitch*, how in need of a vacation are you?

If you’re searching for a hotel chain that has a playful and sociable hotel feel, look no further than Kimpton Hotels.

Even after being taken over by IHG, Kimpton has worked hard to keep its boutique feel. The brand is generally well regarded due to its atmosphere and unique approach to making it feel like home.

Well, every week, IHG publishes a Last Minute Deals for the upcoming week/weekend (in this case February 26 – March 2, 2020).

If you’re looking to get away or even take a stay-cation, take a look. Often, you can find some real steals!


Although I did not review the hotel for the blog, I enjoyed my recent stay at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Washington D.C.. I paid $78 total through these last minute deals, which is a steal in a city where basic hotels can easily start at $150 and climb depending on what is taking place in the city.

My family also took a short road trip where we stayed (and reviewed) the Kimpton Aertson Hotel in Nashville Tennessee last year and we also had a great stay.

Generally, these are an excellent way for hotels to increase their weekend inventory when occupancy levels are lower and business travelers have not filled the rooms.

Anyone planning on taking taking a last minute vacation?

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