Reader Success Story: “It’s Me (Again) And Now We Have A Free Hotel!”

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A few days ago, I posted a story that involved Tosha and her amazing redemption to Puerto Rico and Florida for a mere $16. Well, that story got even better over the last few days as Tosha is dropping another amazing redemption on us…

Jamal, it’s me (again) and now we have a free hotel! This just gets better by the minute.

Last summer when you told everyone on IG that you were starting a blog, I shared it with my best friend (that I referenced in my previous email) and told her to follow you because you’ve been everywhere.

Unbeknownst to me – not that she has to tell me everything – she applied and was approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. She obtained the sign-up bonus but wasn’t completely sure how she was going to redeem her points.

After I told her about my plan to use my Southwest Companion Pass to fly us to Puerto Rico and Florida, we began searching for accommodations in Puerto Rico.

Afro Nation is a big festival and everyone is going to be there. The hotels having increased their room rates and they are fairly expensive, at least for me. Many of the hotels are $200+ per night.

We narrowed down our hotel choices to the Hyatt Place and the Hyatt House which happen to be next door to each other (screenshots attached). They are both in a great location – between the airport, festival venue and Old San Juan – and after a bit of research, we chose the Hyatt Place because it appeared newer.

My best friend offered to transfer her Chase points over to Hyatt because I had already “paid” for the flights.

I know this isn’t the normal rate for the hotel but instead of paying $750+ for our stay, we are paying 36,000 points. We are in a great location, both hotels have complimentary breakfast, and we are going to a concert for free. Can it get any better?

Anyway, thanks for replying to all my emails and helping us so much Jamal.

– Tosha

p.s. I wanted to also let you know that I shared your blog in my other travel groups because you have great content and I do believe we all benefit when we share information. Sharing is caring.


Tosha is killin’ it…period! Below are the screen shots that were supplied in the email.

It’s worth noting that points do have an intrinsic value. In other words, when you redeem points, they are actually worth cash to the hotel/airline.

Let’s say that Hyatt points are “worth” 1.5 cents a piece (thus 12,000 points = $180). If that were the case, Tosha essentially has the choice of “paying” $180 in points or $234 in actual cash. In that case, Tosha made a great choice in redeeming the points.

The example that I just gave is a more advanced topic that we haven’t covered (yet) but ultimately what counts is that you are getting your feet wet, understanding how to redeem points, and that you’re saving money.

Just think how much money would’ve been spent between the flights and hotels had points not been available.

I want to hear more stories. Tag me on IG or contact me if a blog has led to an amazing vacation or you just want me to see you living your best life!


  1. Way to go TOSHA!
    It pays to read and pay attention to what others have to offer.
    Have FUN and be safe on your trip to Puerto Rico.


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