Update: Cathay Pacific Extends Free Changes Through March 31, 2020

This morning Cathay Pacific updated their announcements concerning flight changes and extended the rebooking and rerouting charges waiver for tickets issued on or before February 4 that arrive, depart, or transit in Hong Kong for travel through March 31, 2020.

It’s worth noting that, similar to most airlines, Cathay does NOT waive cancellation and refund charges unless the flight has been canceled and/or the flight times have been changed.

Fortunately, because Cathay Pacific has had to make considerable adjustments to their schedules, nearly everyone qualifies at this points. Passengers can now rebook their travel through September 30, 2020.


After writing a post about changing my flights to/through Asia, a few readers contacted me after having challenges with changing/canceling their upcoming flights on Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific can be, somewhat, more of a stickler when it comes to the “rules” of changing tickets compared to other airlines. But in this particular case, Cathay Pacific should allow passengers to cancel and get a refund without having a debate.

However, as a passenger, patience is always key! Recognize that Cathay has A LOT of challenges right now and as a result of protests and the coronavirus, I trust their customer service center is overwhelmed with requests. They are just trying to keep their herd above water and in the CEO’s own words “hold on to whatever cash we have left.”

In any matter, I wanted to write this short post to inform passengers that there is an official announcement that says passengers can request a change or cancel their flight as significant adjustments have been made over the past couple of weeks.

I hope this helps!

No questions this time. Just information.

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