STACKING: 3 Easy Steps To Save 84% Off Valentines Day Flowers

Flower Friday

Yesterday, I briefly touched on shopping portals and today I’m going a bit deeper.

If you have suspicion to believe that bae didn’t realize that tomorrow is both, Flower Friday and Valentine’s Day, DON’T LOOK AROUND, just focus on your computer screen, and forward this post to them because I’m about to take it a half step further.


Have you ever seen that TV show called Extreme Couponing where “super couponers” go to extreme lengths (e.g. sifting through dumpsters) in search of coupons, buy $1000 worth of items from the grocery store using those coupons, and not only do they get those items for free but the grocery store ends up owing them money?

Well, this will be a bit simpler, definitely more hygienic, and you can complete it all on your phone/computer.


Often, when purchasing items via the internet, you can “stack” multiple coupons to save money. For example, with a 1-800-Flowers order (and depending on how you value Membership Rewards and United MileagePlus miles), it’s currently possible to save up to 84% by utilizing these coupons.

If you’re an ‘extreme stacker,’ it’s extremely easy to get more than 200% of value back and make this order profitable but we’ll save that for another blog.

So let’s jump into the details…

STEP 1: Locate the 1-800-Flowers Amex Offer

I’ve spoken many times about AMEX Offers, and currently there’s a 1-800-Flowers Amex Offer that’s due to expire on February 15. There are three versions of this offer:

  • Spend $50+ & get $15 back
  • Spend $50+ & get 1,500 Membership Rewards
  • Get 15% back on purchase

PRO-TIP: You can load one of each version of the offer to separate cards

Amex Offer

Step 2: Download (& use) the Dosh App

After you have added the Amex offer to one of your amex cards, downland and add that same credit card to your Dosh app because Dosh is currently offering 15% cashback on 1-800-Flowers orders.

Screenshot of DOSH

As you can see in the image above, it states that you can either use the shop button in the app or pay with a Dosh-connected card on their website. DO NOT CLICK THE SHOP BUTTON IN THE DOSH APP because you need to take advantage of the Step #3.

If you’re new to Dosh, feel free to sign up using my referral link below. I believe we’ll both earn $1 cashback after you link your first card.


The final step is to take advantage of some kind of shopping portal.

Screenshot of CashbackMonitor

As you can see from the photo above, it appears the best rates are 30x through the United MileagePlus shopping portal.

Screenshot of MileagePlus Shopping


Let’s take a look at how stacking these offers could save you some money.

Since the offers largely focus on spending $50, let’s use that as our basis but take note that the savings will largely be dictated by how much you spend on your total order.

Scenario #1: Amex Offer ($15), Dosh & UA MileagePlus Portal

  • $15 – Amex Offer
  • $7.50 – Dosh
  • 1,500 MileagePlus Miles – United MileagePlus Portal
  • Total = $22.50 + 1,500 MileagePlus Miles. If you value United miles at 1.3 cents per point, that’s 84% of value ($15+$7.50+$19.50). If you have no idea what I’m am talking about and don’t have a valuation for United miles, you’re still saving 45%.

Scenario #2: Amex Offer (1500 MR), Dosh & UA MileagePlus Portal

  • 1500 Membership Reward points – Amex Offer
  • $7.50 – Dosh
  • 1,500 MileagePlus Miles – United MileagePlus Portal
  • Total = 1500 MR points + $7.50 + 1,500 MileagePlus Miles. If you value 1500 Membership Reward points at 2.0 cents per point and United miles at 1.3 cents per point, that’s 100+% of value ($30+$7.50+$19.50)…also known as profit!


If this just totally blew your mind, we’re only at the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re totally confused, just look at the big picture, you’re getting miles and points and saving money for doing things that you were going to do anyway.

Again, there’s no need to imply that bae forgot Valentine’s Day. Just forward this blog to them with the message “I follow this crazy blogger, and look what he did.”

If you received this message from bae…we love you and good luck! 😉

Were you aware that you could use shopping portals to get discounts on everyday purchases?

H/T: Frequent Miler

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