Run (Don’t Walk): Wide Open Award Availability to Tahiti

Finding award availability from the US mainland to any of the islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean can be challenging. It can be, particularly, challenging if you’re attempting to go to Tahiti because very few airlines fly there.

You have simply 4 options:
1) United Airlines (departing from SFO)
2) Air France (departing from LAX)
3) Air Tahiti (departing from LAX) and;
4) French Bee (departing from SFO)


Let’s just start with the basics…there’s no good way to redeem miles on French Bee unless you fly them all the time. I assume that most people reading this article have never even heard of French Bee so let’s omit them from our list of options.

The three remaining airlines have a monopoly on the flights and rarely release award seats. Just to give you an example, it’s not unusual to see Air Tahiti Nui only release a pair of business class awards seats on 10 days throughout the entire year.

But, if you’re looking to go to Tahiti using miles, here’s your chance.

Currently, Air Tahiti Nui has opened up a good amount of business class award seats between Los Angeles and Tahiti and I am seeing availability as soon as today and all the way into October 2020


If going to Tahiti interest you, the best way to book is to redeem American AAdvantage miles. It will cost 80,000 miles one-way in business class.

If that number is shocking, it should be. That’s a lot of miles but again, there’s no great way to get to Tahiti.

For comparison, United is charging…

If you’re short on your AA miles, I would recommend applying for some of the AA credit cards on THIS PAGE so next time you’ll be ready when they surprise us with award availability.


Air Tahiti Nui uses a brand new 787-9 with fully flat business class seats. This seat won’t be mentioned in any conversation about the “Best Business Class Seats In The World” but it’s conformable and you are going to Tahiti soooo…there’s that.


This award availability may not appeal to everyone but if it does…go for it! And since you’re in Tahiti, you may as well visit Bora Bora. It’s only a few islands over. 😉

So who is taking advantage of the available award space onAir Tahiti Nui?

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