Reader Question: I’m Ready To Travel! Do They Have Black Friday Travel Deals?

You’ve probably watched your local news and seen a “travel expert” recommend holding off on Black Friday deals and waiting for “deals and steals” later on in the holiday season.

What Are They Talking About!?!

Listen…last year we saw some of the craziest travel deals that we’ve EVER seen on Black Friday. For example, a few third-party sites (e.g. expedia, orbitz, etc.) were offering 50% off of hotel rooms and Emirates was offering a huge sale in economy and Business class seats. I mean… I could have a different definition of “travel deal” but paying a deep discount to fly in luxury AND securing 50% off on my hotel room at my destination sounds like a travel deal to me.

The truth is, travel deals right now super competitive! At the moment, it’s not unheard of to see a roundtrip flight from the US to Europe for $300 during peak summer season. A few years ago, you were paying $1000+. We’ve never seen airfares this low, so you shouldn’t hesitate if you see a discount that takes the price even lower than $300.

I’ve even noticed companies offering extreme discounts before Black Friday begins, even loading $1.99 plane tickets just to see if anyone finds them. And when people stumble across them, the news spreads like wildfire so you want to be ready!

So When Is Black Friday?

This year (2019), Black Friday will take place on November 29th. But again, companies have been known to drop Black Friday travel deals in the hours (or even days) beforehand because…well, the early bird gets the worm and they want to beat other companies to the finish line.


So yes, consider this fair warning that Black Friday deals do exist and you’ll want to keep your eyes open. I trust that I will be busy that day booking my own travel but I will also attempt to post some articles when I see AMAZING deals taking place. Stay tuned to my homepage.

If 50% off was offered on a flight to anywhere in the world, where would you go?


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