British Airways Promo: Up to 50% Off Award Tickets (a.k.a. Fly NYC-London For 6,500 Avios and $93)

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British Airways announced a new promotion today that can save you up to 50% off the required amount of miles for travel to/from London.


Here’s what you need know…British Airways’ miles are called Avios. Typically, British Airways requires you to pay a lot in surcharges/taxes when redeeming their miles for premium cabins (business / first class). They also have a distance-based program so the longer the flight distance, the more miles it will cost. In other words, redeeming miles with BA is a niche market because you’re going to need a lot of miles and a lot of cash. However, it can be a great deal if you utilize it the right way!


If you are familiar with reward redemptions, you can skip the rest of this article and use the direct link to the promotion:

Link: British Airways Avios Promo

If you need a little more information, here are the details for this British Airways Avios promo:

  • Simply book a reward flight in our World Traveller (economy) or World Traveller Plus (premium economy) cabins before 21 November 2019
  • For travel between 7 November 2019 and 30 April 2020.
  • Alternatively, for a more premium experience, you can fly in (Club World (business class) or First cabins, for 10% fewer Avios.
  • If you don’t have enough for your chosen destination, you can purchase or gift Avios here and you’ll get an extra 50% Avios.

Let me simplify it that…book your travel before November 21, travel between November 7 and April 30, economy is 50% off, Business and First Class is 10% off. We (British Airways) are simultaneously running a promo where you can get an extra 50% for buying your miles.


British Airways gives some examples on their website. For example:

Promo Redemption Costs

World Traveller = Economy
World Traveller Plus = Premium Economy
Club World = Business Class
First = First Class

I decided to search for a ticket for next week (literally, 7 days from now) and here are the results for November 14th:

plenty of seats!

When I selected the first flight with 4 available seats, it showed me the costs:

That’s right…with the British Airways Avios promo you can travel from NYC to London for just 6,500 points and $93.

If you are ballin’ and require a bit more space, you can choose a premium economy ticket and it will cost:

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If you fly FROM London, the surcharges for economy will be over $200 so it is much cheaper to fly FROM the US to London. Again, BA is a distance-based program so if you’re flying from Los Angeles to London in economy, it will cost slightly more at 9,750 Avios and under $100 which is still pretty good.

Getting Avios

If you need Avios, you can transfer them over from American Express Membership Rewards (READ MORE), Chase Ultimate Rewards, or you can buy them on sale via this promo.


Traveling one-way from the US to London is expensive unless you are flying on a low cost carrier. If you use this promo, you are definitely receiving a better value for your miles.

PRO TIP: I cannot stress this enough…the carrier surcharges/taxes OUT OF London are horrible and diminish the value of an award redemption but you could book this award to London and then use miles on a different carrier to return to the US.

Anyone planning on taking advantage of this promotion?

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