Should I Gamble? Brussels Airlines’ A330 With New Business Class And Premium Economy

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about going to Ghana for Afrochella in December and I’ve been attempting to use points and miles to secure my arrival and departure.

Typically, if you’re flexible, booking awards is fairly simple. However, if you are attempting fly to a destination during a popular city event, it can get complicated. Add the popularity of air travel during the holiday season and it becomes super complicated. Add some additional prerequisites to the equation (e.g. business class, don’t want to connect in London, don’t want to make 3 stops – even in business class, depart after December 25, etc.), it can be virtually impossible to find a ticket.


Throughout my research, Brussels Airways appears to be the most consistent with business class availability however, I have flown with them previously and prefer a new product experience.

This morning I received an email titled: Welcome To Our Boutique Hotel In The Air.

They even included “Africa” in their marketing. That’s not something you see everyday. Anyway, the email included a video link of their new business class:


If these seats look familiar, it’s because they’re very similar to what’s offered in business class on Swiss, Malaysia, Qantas, etc.

Regardless, the new business class and premium economy look phenomenal, however, there is one big problem. Currently, Brussels Airlines only has two reconfigured A330-300 planes with the new cabins.

The plane registration codes are OO-SFD and OO-SFE.

It doesn’t appear that either plane has been assigned a specific route. If you click on the links above, will show you where the plane has been and where it is due to fly in the next day or so.

Both planes appear to be operating routes to Abidjan, Cotonou, Douala, Luanda, Kinshasa, New York, Toronto, and Yaounde but there is no consistency.


Personally, I can’t wait to try their new business class and I’m tempted to book a business class flight from New York because that appears to be the city that receives the new product the most often.

However, I’m not much of a gambling man. I prefer to book flights where an airline has consistently used a particular product. But that’s not necessarily a guarantee either as airlines sometimes have equipment swaps the day of the flight. So, what do you think?

Should I book it with the hope that the new product (somehow) appears that day or should I wait until the reconfigured planes are consistently on a route (thus giving me a new product for review)?


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