LAX Airport Ends Curbside Pickup By Uber, Lyft, And Other Rideshares

Starting today, both, rideshares and taxis will no longer be able to pick-up curbside at LAX. Instead, passengers will have to go to a designated lot next to Terminal 1 where drivers can meet them.

Massive Congestion Challenges

If you have used a ride share (or driven to LAX), you have definitely experienced the congestion that comes with LAX.

LAX has seen a huge growth in traffic over the past several years. For example, in 2014 the airport saw about 70 million passengers, while in 2018 the airport saw nearly 88 million passengers. That’s, approximately, 20 million additional passengers in the span of 4 years.

Additionally, the airport is undergoing a massive $14-billion construction project of its aging road network and terminals, and that is causing even more congestion. LAX does not have good public transportation, and given how reasonably priced rideshares are, you can see the challenge.


So here are the plans for the “new ride share”…

  • LAX will no longer allow curbside pick-ups for all rideshare and taxi drivers
  • Instead travelers will be required to take a shuttle bus to a designated lot to catch their ride
  • Rideshare and taxi drop-offs will continue to be allowed on the upper level of the airport
  • The shuttle between the airport and lot will run “frequently.”
    Pro-tip: It is possible to walk but I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s far.


More than 25,000 rideshare cars use the airport every day. That’s an average of 17 cars per minute. Yikes!

Again, if you’ve attempted to catch a ride share at LAX, you are well aware of the congestion and how it can take 30+ minutes for an Uber to arrive.


LAX will ban rideshare and taxi pick-ups on October 29.

I departed from a hotel, literally, across the street from LAX 2 hours ahead of my flight and still missed my flight. I think this is a ‘no-win’ situation for the airport. Passengers will complain because the congestion is crazy and it takes 30 minutes to catch a ride share. But passengers are also going to complain because they have to catch a shuttle to a rideshare lot.

Personally, I dread having to get on a shuttle but it is more convenient than Atlanta Hartsfield Airports solution of establishing a rideshare lot and NOT having a shuttle. Instead, passengers have to walk a a far distance to the lot.

What do you make of the changes at LAX or any other airport that implemented this type of change?

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