Wow! Delta Cancels Non-Stop Detroit to Honolulu Flight?

I am currently writing a trip report about our dream trip to Hawaii during this past week. I have a lot of notes and photos that I need to condense but, in my attempt to fill in some missing information about the non-stop flight from Detroit to Honolulu, I was unable to locate the flight on google flights.

I had not seen an announcement (or press release) from Delta and even in my attempt to scour the internet, I could not find any additional information.

The inaugural flight was on 29 June 2019 but some time during the last 2 months that it has been operating, Delta has canceled any future flights. There is a possibility that Delta is using this flight for an extremely limited seasonal route (e.g. June – September a.k.a. Summer) but the flight is currently unavailable even into next summer.


Personally, I find this cancelation surprising since the launch came with a lot of fanfare, an official press release, and the media was on hand for the launch.

I reached out to Delta through twitter and they were unable to see the route either and said they were “unable to confirm nor deny that the route has been canceled.”


It is not unusual for an airline to remove a plane from one route and place it on another to fit a particular need. For example, an airline may remove a widebody plane from a US-Europe route during the winter (due to decreased demand) and place it on a US-South America route (due to increased demand). However, it is unusual for an airline to operate a particular route for two months and then remove it completely.

I count myself lucky to have experienced this short-lived flight, particularly for 37,500 miles in business class. It is almost unheard of for Delta to release award space to their partners for the long-haul, non-stop flights to Hawaii (e.g. ATL-HNL).

It is always exciting when an airline opens up a non-stop route to Hawaii as it helps skip the connection flights on the west coast. But this could be a disappointing development for anyone that may have been planning a Hawaiian trip this year (or next summer if it was a seasonal route).

As I said in my review, prior to the flight, the business class cabin was fairly empty but on the flight, every seat was taken. That says a lot about the logistics behind the flight. I assume that it was revenue related but, without a press release it is unclear why Delta ended the route. Perhaps, we will hear something soon about the future of this flight.

Are you surprised by this cancelation? Did you have plans to take advantage of the award availability?

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