Hurry! Delta Flash Sale: Awards To Europe As Low As 40,000 Roundtrip

I feel like I’ve been posting the same blog over and over because Delta has been running an awesome sale this week known as their “Dream It, Live It” event. The event has a number of key cities, and you have to book before 30 August 2019 and travel has to take place between January 7 and March 31 2020.

I have listed a screenshot of the sale but here is the DIRECT LINK to the awards…


The dates for each deal are different but I wouldn’t pay much attention to them since Delta, typically, offers these prices outside of their “sale” dates. However, if you have a desire to book one of the award tickets above, I would book sooner than later.


Delta has my attention lately! I’ve been known to burn skymiles, practically, before they arrived in my account due to the perceived lack of value but I’ve seeing a lot of value lately.

If you are located in a Delta hub, or can easily position to one of the hubs listed above, this could be a great sale for you.

Note: During the flash sales, Delta often discounts additional city pairs beyond what is listed on their deals page. Sometimes you’ll even find better deals than the ones Delta has listed. However, you’ll only find discounted prices when searching for a round trip. One-ways will not price at half the cost.

It’s also worth noting that Delta is an American Express transfer partner, so it’s easy to top off your miles for a redemption if you’re a bit short.

Who’s taking advantage of this sale? What destinations are you most interested in?

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