BREAKING! Hong Kong Goes On Strike, City Transit Blocked, and Many Flights Cancelled

Hong Kong is one of the most incredible and breathtaking cities in the world, and you’ll find that’s true just by looking out of the airplane window on approach into the city.

However, if you’re arriving (or departing) Hong Kong today, you may have trouble breathing for a different reason: tear gas.


Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world, however, for the ninth consecutive week, wide ranging, direct-action protests have been taking place which aim to disrupt major transit routes across the city.


There are protests and organized transit blocks all day — including one at the airport and at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, a vital traffic artery connecting Hong Kong island with Kowloon.

Additionally, people (e.g travel unions, teachers, finance employees, civil servants, and aviation workers) are striking throughout Hong Kong and major sectors of the Asian financial hub are screeching to a halt.


Simply, it means that if you are traveling through Hong Kong, prepare for subway and flight delays.

There have also been many clashes between riot police and demonstrators.

At the moment, more than 100 flights have been canceled and people attempting to cross from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon have been stuck in the tunnel for hours.


Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have launched a rare city-wide strike and have five major demands: A full withdrawal of the extradition bill, dismissal of charges against arrested protesters, a government retraction regarding the term “riot,” an independent investigation into police brutality.


I transited Hong Kong a few weeks before the demonstrations began and enjoyed my stay (as always).

However, the events that are taking place in Hong Kong are unfortunate and today will likely be a chaotic day as demonstrators attempt to block major city transit systems across Hong Kong.

If you are headed to the airport or transiting through Hong Kong today (or during the next few days, I recommend that you check your flight status.

Were You aware of the demonstrations that were happening in Hong Kong? Have the demonstrations affected your travel in (or through) Hong Kong?

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