WOW! Delta Introduces ‘First-of-Its-Kind’ Service & Makes Significant Investment In Economy Service

Delta makes it extremely hard to hate on ’em. They, simply, they do things better than everyone else. The SkyMiles program has long been a joke in the miles and points community but Delta is even turning that on it’s head.

I’ve been known to ask myself “why do I dread my 3-hour domestic, economy as much as I dread my 8-hour international, economy flight?” No hot towel service? Drab airplane food? Flight attendants avoiding my call button? All of the above?


Delta already offers good bedding, amenity kits, and menus in economy. And while competitors continue to eliminate services and amenities, Delta is investing in their onboard product by making even more positive changes.

Starting in November, Delta will be rolling out additional services in international economy, including:

  • A personal welcome from the purser
  • “Welcome aboard” bellini cocktails
  • Hot towels
  • Upgraded appetizers and entrees
  • Customed designed dinnerware with new placemats
  • Larger entrees
  • Desserts will be served separately after the meal
  • Pre-landing chocolates will be distributed

They even delivered a diagram:

International Main Cabin Inforgraphic


Delta, apparently, has been testing this new concept for over a year on their Portland to Tokyo (NRT) flight, and have seen increased customer satisfaction scores with this concept.

Heck, if my economy food looked like this, I’d give it a better score too…

These amenities will be available on international flights of over 6.5 hours, plus select shorter flights where Delta One and Delta Premium Select are offered.


Over the years I have, admittedly, jumped on the bandwagon of hating on Delta. Typically, when they make a negative change to their program, the competition follows in less than 24 hours.

However, in an age where many airlines are eliminating services, Delta is willing to invest money in their product where it makes sense, and that’s refreshing. Not only does it make customers happy, but it also provides a product that employees are happy about. I believe this is the reason that Delta continues to be a trendsetter and successful in their efforts.

What do you think about Delta’s investment? Does this model sway your loyalty in their direction?

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