Award Sale: 30,000+ Delta SkyMiles US-Europe Round-Trip

At the moment, Delta is having an award sale with a focus on European-bound flights. The promotional dates for travel vary by city but, generally, take place in the late fall and into the new year (2020).

If you’re in the market to visit Europe, you may want to venture to their PROMOTION PAGE but here are some highlights:

Terms and Conditions

I would recommend that you take a look at the terms and conditions concerning the changes, cancellations and eligible travel period dates listed at the bottom of the promotional page. The dates are fairly limiting but again, with a bit of flexibility, this could represent good value.

Just to give a bit of perspective, a typical economy class award ticket from the US to Europe used to cost 60,000 SkyMiles round-trip (when Delta used to publish their award chart…but that’s another blog), so a few city pairs represent fairly reasonable rates.

Your best bets with this sale are from New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Indianapolis.


Although no end date is specified, if you have plans to visit Europe in the late fall or winter months, this could be an ideal time to book. I would recommend booking sooner than later. Typically, award seats are limited so when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

As always, you’ll want to consider the taxes (often, ~$50 roundtrip but depends on route), and possible connections.

Anyone considering taking advantage of the European focused award sale? If so, what city?

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