Receive a 35% Bonus For Transferring Marriott Points to Aeroplan

I love when I receive a travel notification that has the words “transfer bonus” in the title! In my head I say, “oohhh…gimme! gimme! gimme!” I mean, who doesn’t enjoy receiving a discount and flying for less miles!?


A few times a year, Aeroplan offers a bonus when you transfer your hotel points into Aeroplan miles and today is one of those days.

For the next week (June 20-26th), Aeroplan will be offering a 35% bonus when you transfer Marriott Bonvoy points to Aeroplan miles.


As always, I would NOT recommend that you transfer your points just for the sake of obtaining a bonus. However, if you have a redemption in mind, this could represent good value.

Often during this ‘hotel transfer promotion,’ Aeroplan will include transfers from various hotel programs (e.g. Hilton, IHG, Choice, etc.). However, this promotion only includes Marriott. In my opinion, this is the only program where transferring points is even a good deal so I don’t mind that they are the sole transfer.

You do not have to register for this promotion and the terms state “Bonus Aeroplan Miles may take up to 4 to 6 weeks to be credited after the promotional offer end date of June 26th, 2019.” However, in my experience, they have been credited much sooner.

Marriott -to- Aeroplan Bonus

Let’s look at the math…

You are able to transfer any amount of miles but remember…every 60,000 Marriott points converts into 25,000 airline miles. When the bonus is factored in, you’ll receive a total of 33,750 Aeroplan miles.

Aeroplan Award Chart

Aeroplan has a lot of great redemption rates on Star Alliance partners. Personally, I prefer to fly a partners like EVA Air, LOT Polish, Turkish, United (and a few others) because you are able to book these flights without huge surcharges.

Take a look at the Aeroplan Award chart. I have, also, highlighted the portion of the chart for travel originating in Canada and USA.

The amounts above are based on roundtrip travel. Simply, divide by 2 to obtain the one-way amount.


I highlighted the “USA to Europe 2” box because of a specific redemption that I have in mind for my miles.


Turkish Airlines has announced that they will be utilizing new Boeing 787-9 planes between, both…
1) Washington D.C. Dulles (IAD) and Istanbul (IST) on 8 August 2019 and;
2) Atlanta (ATL) and Istanbul (IST) on 12 September 2019

I am really excited about this plane! Additionally, Istanbul opened a new airport 2 months ago and it looks phenomenal!

My wife are planning a trip to Greece but I wonder if I can somehow 1) fly business class on the new Turkish 789, 2) experience the new and luxurious Istanbul airport, and 3) still arrive in Athens without spending a crazy amount of miles?

Aeroplan…BINGO! I searched Aeroplan from Atlanta (ATL) – Athens (ATH) and as you can see (below)…Turkish (check), business class (check), 789 (check), and the trip only requires 57,500 miles which is consistent with their award chart (115,000 / 2 = 57,500 miles)

When all is said and done…ATL (or IAD) to Athens, Greece in business class, with a connection in a great airport (IST), and I’m only paying 57,500 miles and $7.40 CAD (~$5.50 USD)? I’m in! Where do I sign up?

Just in case you’re wondering the cash price of this flight…


Again, Aeroplan offers hotel transfer bonuses several times per year, so if you have a remption in mind right now, this may be a promotion that I would consider taking advantage of.

However, if you are going to take advantage of this promotion, make sure you take advantage between June 20 and June 26.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this 35% bonus conversion and converting your Marriott Bonvoy points into Aeroplan miles?

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