Watch British Airways’ Special Father’s Day Flight (A Must See)

A day late…a dollar short, story of my life. Happy (belated) Father’s Day to all the fathers around the world! I hope that your Father’s Day was a special one.

I spent Father’s Day with my family (hence the delay for this post). As I was attempting to sort through email and write another blog this morning, I came across a very special Father’s Day video from British Airways.

British Airways arranged a flight that allowed some of their employees to spend time with their dads.

The flight from London Heathrow (LHR) to San Diego (SAN) was designed so dads could work with their childen. However, as you as will see in the video, it extended beyond the individuals on the flight. It included check-in agents, ground crew, operational staff, etc.

Take a look…


Although I have a few criticisms about BA, it does not overshadow the fact that the BA marketing department is good at their job!

It was only a few months ago that BA published THIS AMAZING VIDEO.

They also published this video a few years ago. I dare you to watch it without crying…

Sometimes we forget that, despite it being the weekend, some people are still working and are unable to spend those special moments with their families.

Keep up the great work British Airways!

For all you that may be curious…my Father’s Day was great. I received my first hand-written card from my daughter and it made my heart melt.

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