New IHG PointBreaks List Going Live Today

The new IHG PointBreaks list will go live today Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 12pm EST for bookings through August 31, 2019, subject to availability.

UPDATE: There are 162 available hotels pricing between 5,000 and 15,000 points. GO! GO! GO!

If you are not familiar with IHG PointBreaks List, here’s the breakdown…IHG Rewards Club, the loyalty program for IHG, has been offering this promotion for years. It used to be one of the best promotions in the hotel industry because IHG would publish a list of specific hotels from around the world (often 100+ hotels) and you were able to book these great hotels with 5,000 IHG points (<–that’s a steal).

  • Direct link to PointBreaks page (Reminder: The “old” Pointbreaks list will still show on this page before the “new” list is published. You’ll know that you’re looking at the new list when it it says “bookings available through August 31, 2019“)

Obviously, there were only a select number of rooms at any given hotel so the best hotels, typically, sold out within days, while others remained on the list for the remainder of the promotion.

However, last year, IHG made a few changes to their Pointbreaks program. They now offer hotel redemptions on a tiered scale…5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 points per night. Additionally, the number of hotel properties and quality of properties has significantly deteriorated.

NOTE: Sometimes, individual properties go live a little before the new list gets published so stay alert.


Generally, the PointBreaks list isn’t going to provide you with a hotel that you want to build your entire trip around, but rather provide a cheap hotel in a city you’re already going to be visiting. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING redemption to be present on the list but it doesn’t hurt to look.

A full preview of the list has not been made at this point and although, the quality of PointBreaks hotels offered has deteriorated over the last year (or so), it’s worth keeping an eye on the list this morning. You never know what jewel(s) you may find.

On the other hand, the list may give you reason for a “staycation” in your own backyard. My family has used the PointBreaks list to stay at properties within a few hours of our home and encouraged us to check out a city that we may not have visited otherwise.

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