Breaking News: Brazil Eliminating Visa Requirements for US Citizens

IT IS NOW OFFICIAL! Brazil is eliminating the visa requirement for United States citizens.

In early February, I wrote THIS ARTICLE stating that Brazil’s Foreign Ministry had mentioned the elimination of the visa but had not determined a specific date.

Well last night, it was announced that Brazil will eliminate the tourist visa requirement for visitors from Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United States as of June 17, 2019.



As, I said in my previous post…I appreciate when a country implements initiatives to eliminate barriers to visiting the country and making the travel experience easier.

Although Brazil has an audacious plan to double the number of tourists in 3 years, I trust this initiative will definitely increase the numbers.

I can assure Brazil that they will have, at least, one additional visitor this year.

🎶I can hear the Bossa Nova playing throughout the streets already 🎶

Have you been to Brazil? What was your experience with obtaining a visa? If you haven’t traveled to Brazil, does this development increase your desire to go?

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