BOOK ASAP! IHG Pointbreaks Hotel Deals Are Live!

Are you in the market for a getaway this Spring? IHG may have exactly what you’re looking for. They just released the Pointbreaks list and it is valid for stays through the end of May 2019.


Every quarter IHG releases a list of hotels from around the world that are, simply, on sale using points. The hotels on the list range from 5,000 -15,000 points per night and while this promotion is available for stays for the next few months, you’ll want to book your preferred stay ASAP. The hotels limit the number of nights sold at the discounted rate which means the best properties sell out fast! 

The Pointbreaks list used to be a gold mine for travel enthusiasts (including myself). However, it has become less useful over the past several years.

Prior to 2018, IHG offered every hotel on the Pointbreaks list at 5,000 points and there were consistently 100+ hotels on the list including InterContinentals and Hotel Indigo properties. However in 2018, IHG revamped their list. They began offering hotels at the current range (5k-15k points) and unfortunately, the quality of available hotels on the list left much to be desired too.

No one enjoys paying full price for a hotel room. I am always looking to save on hotel stays so I get excited about the properties on the 5,000 point list. Unfortunately, similar to previous quarters, my excitement has been dashed by the lack of properties. Last quarter, the list had 13 properties at the 5,000 point level. This time, it only has 9. Ouch!

However, I would definitely encourage you to view the list. You never know what you may find. If a hotel fits your travel needs, booking it for a discount just sweetens the deal!

For those looking to visit Europe in the Spring, there are 10 properties available including the Crowne Plaza Manchester – Oxford Road (UK) at 15,000 points per night. I wish that property would’ve been available when when I was there a few weeks ago. I love deals and that would’ve made my life a lot more simple 🙂

Just to get you thinking, let’s talk about some possible example(s)…

Example 1: This may be more of a practical example than an aspirational example but I booked an award ticket from Miami to Europe in a few weeks. However, I do not live in Miami so I need to book a positioning flight to MIA so I can take the flight to Europe. The flight from MIA-Europe departs at 11a. To ensure I get to MIA on time, I will have to book an extremely early flight. That doesn’t sound fun.

However, as an alternative, I could book a flight to MIA the prior day, and book an award night at the Staybridge Suites Miami International Airport. Normally, an award night would cost 35,000 points but it is currently on the Pointbreaks List for 15,000 points (57% discount). The property is near the airport and offers a free airport shuttle both ways and free breakfast. Fly down the night before, use the free shuttle to arrive at the hotel, catch some shut-eye for the night, eat free breakfast in the morning and catch the free shuttle back to the airport? That sounds like a winner to me!

Staybridge Suites – MIA Airport
That looks like everything I could possible need for a night of rest, yeah?

Example 2: If you have plans to visit Southeast Asia, particularly, Pattaya (26 miles southeast of Bangkok), take a look at the Intercontinental. It is going for 15,000 points per night and this is a view I would not mind waking up to in the morning…

Intercontinental Pattaya

Yup…that DEFINITELY looks like it has everything I need in life. 🙂


Always take a look at the IHG Pointbreaks List, you never know what you may find. I travel frequently and sometimes a hotel property just fits the equation. Regardless to if it’s a staycation, roadtrip, or already have a trip planned in a particular city…. 5,000 points is difficult to beat.

Anyone plan on booking a Pointbreaks Hotel? If so, which one?

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