Travel Challenge: Are you up to it? (Oh yeah…& Happy New Year!)

I think we all agree that life is challenging and normal day-to-day experiences can easily throw a wrench in our “plans.” But it’s the first day of 2019 and I am making a promise that this year WILL BE the year of awesomeness!

First and foremost, I am going to use ALL of my vacation time this year. Do you believe that 33% of Americans didn’t use one single vacation day this past year? Bananas! This year, we (as a family) are going to see a lot of this beautiful earth!

Second, I am going to fly on planes that I have been dreaming of flying on to places that I’ve never visited before.

Third, I want to add a few more diving trips into my adventures.

However, this blog is not for me, it’s to challenge you. I encourage you to make this YOUR YEAR! It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, however, I would encourage you to really consider traveling. Plan a road trip. Get a passport. Travel to a foreign country. Regardless to what it is, make it happen! Make a promise to write down your goals and be your best you. Remember, if you don’t have any goals you can’t reach them.

So tell me, what goals do you have for this year?

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