Spirit is #1 For On-Time Performance

Yes, you read the title correctly. Spirit, the super low-cost carrier, was better than EVERY OTHER US airline.

It’s a far cry from 2016 when they were the most hated airline in the states and held the title for worst on-time arrivals percentage for nearly the entire year. Their customer service was far from efficient and according to the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index travel report, the no-frills airline had the lowest customer satisfaction score — a 62 out of 100. Ouch!

Passenger complaints, typically, center around the fees associated with the “bare fares” Spirit offers. The airline charges for things that are normally free on other airlines (e.g. boarding passes, carry-on suitcases, water, etc.) 

However, it looks like it’s a new season for Spirit as The Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report named Spirit Airlines the No. 1 airline for on-time arrivals for the month of October.


Spirit has a long-standing reputation for tardiness, however, I would count this as a major win for the airline.

Does this title change your view of Spirit? Knowing this, are you more willing to fly them? Do you think they can shake the reputation of being late? What’s more important to you when you fly…(Spirit’s) on-time percentage or what the other airlines offer? Hahaha

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